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The International Football Hall of Champions is the only official FIFA-recognized and supported enshrinement to the sport of world football. With its first class of inductees taking their place in this prestigious circle in January of 1998, IFHOC is currently making plans to build a permanent facility to justly honor and celebrate the rich history and steep traditions of the sport and its inductees - a football museum and "hall of fame" project that will integrate historical football exhibits into a high-tech interactive environment. By offering an educational and entertaining football experience for visitors of all ages, the Hall of Champions aims not only to chronicle the story of football, but also to capture the passion and excitement so integral to the "beautiful game".

The Hall of Champions was conceived by Atlanta-based International Sports & Entertainment Concepts (ISEC), who was surprised and disappointed at the absence of a established memorial devoted to the world's most popular sport. ISEC's mission is to create a football experience which will satisfy football fans of all ages and present a proper tribute to the history of football.

From an introductory multi-media theatre presentation to the origins and evolution of football, the visitor will gain a unique insight into the hearts and minds of players, coaches and fans alike. The Hall of Champions will set itself apart from traditional sports museums through the use of the latest interactive technology, allowing football fans to step into the boots of a world-class player or referee, or making split-second decisions under pressure while testing their nerve in computer-driven inter-activities.

The Hall of Champions will celebrate the lives and careers of the great figures of football, the inductees, who fall into the following categories: players, managers, referees, media innovators, pioneers, teams, and "For the Good Game", named after the FIFA motto denoting those whose contribution to football falls outside the other categories. Eligibility for the Hall of Champions is based on both sporting success and a consistent contribution to the positive image of the game of football. Through its inductees, the Hall will promote not only the values of excellence and achievement, but also those of sportsmanship and fairplay.

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